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Dec 7th

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Since the early weeks of the season it has been apparent that Aftermath B and C would contest the top of the Second Division. Now they have met the B team have probably dismissed the challenge from the C team with a 9-1 thrashing. Steve Cheek and Frank Roberts were unbeaten for the B team with Gordon Aplin only losing out to James Sellen. Bramley B have leapt up the table after an 8-2 success against Aftermath D. Linda Makepeace and Bill Willson notched trios for Bramley with Joe Melchionno bagging a brace.
Ash A, in the First Division, lost their 100% record suffering a 7-3 defeat against Challoner B. Steve Collins and Maria Taylor-Woodward were each unbeaten for Challoner who cement their place at the top of the division. College Hill A and B are also in the promotion battle and with a 7-3 success the A team moved into second spot in the table. Phil Harrison and Graham Nutting picked up all the points for the A team. Cody A and Merrow E are at the wrong end of the table and a draw ensured both teams a move up the table. In a match where all players won the stand out performance came from Kin Chan who was unbeaten for Cody. Robin Street notched a pair for Merrow.
At the top of the Third Division College Hill C have strengthened their position at the top with a narrow 6-4 defeat of Challoner D. Tom Taylor-Woodward, for Challoner, was unbeaten and in the process took the 100% record of Brian Smithers. Mike Caudrey also won twice for College Hill.
The weather decimated the cup programme but Aftermath B moved serenely into the semi-finals of the Lewis Cup with an 8-1 win over Merrow G. Frank Roberts and Bill Matlock picked up trios with Gordon Aplin winning the other two only losing to Simon Dickinson.
Holders Challoner D moved into the semi-final of the Last Two Trophy after defeating Ash B 5-3. The winning trio being Darrin Watson, Ken Lemon and Tom Taylor-Woodward.