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Report05 - Oct 20th

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The unluckiest side last season was undoubtedly Cranleigh A in the Third Division. Pipped to promotion by wins countback they are determined that the same will not happen this season. Wins over Cody B by 9-1 and Challoner D, 8-2 has propelled them up the table. Mark Lockyer was unbeaten with Angela Coventry only losing once whilst husband Peter won four times. In the Challoner match Tom Taylor-Woodward managed a pair. Godalming E currently have top spot after a 7-3 success over Aftermath E. Mike May with a full house led the way with Shula Laws chipped in with a brace, matched by Richard Tapp for the losers. Aftermath D continued their campaign with a draw against Godalming F. Alan Sherwin and Jim Roberts each won twice but the star of the evening was Michael Kwan with a trio for Godalming. College Hill C also look as if they will be strong team. In their latest match they overcame Ash C 6-4 with Mike Caudrey unbeaten and Mark Smith managing a brace which was equaled by Roy Benfield for the losers.


Two teams share the lead in the Fourth Division. Godalming H whitewashed Bramley F with Paul Herbert, Tony Laws and Dominic Carpenter making up the team. Woking LTC C will be very pleased with their 8-2 win over their D team. Mike Glen won all his three for the C team with Alex Bolychevsky and Michael Kan each losing out to Alexei Kolosov. Cranleigh C look stronger this year with the acquisition of Chris Ray who was unbeaten in the 7-3 success over Godalming J. Roger Williams won twice to give support with John Upham also winning twice, for Godalming. My tip for the division, Bramley E, scored a good 6-4 win over Godalming G. Bob Holmden won thrice with David Barraclough getting a pair. John Upham won twice for Godalming.


In the First Division Woking LTC A ignited their season after a slow start. A 6-4 win over previously unbeaten College Hill B being the initial win they sought. John Koenigsberger was unbeaten with Brian Hartles contributing twice. For College Hill Phil Harrison also won twice. The joint leaders currently are Aftermath A and Bramley A. Aftermath got the better of Godalming C by 8-2 with Steve Pearce and Albert Cheung unbeaten. Bramley A, meanwhile, got past Cody A 7-3 with all three players, Tony Morse, Peter Palmer and Cliff Keen each winning twice. Most unusually all the Cody players won one each.


Most of the cup matches were one-sided affairs but the significant exception was the Lewis Cup match between Merrow G and Burymead D. Merrow started well with David Lush getting the better of Tony Bartlett and Ce Guo defeating Richard Green. In stepped Jack Harrington for Burymead with a win over Alan Wan then Bartlett beat Guo to level the match. Harrington then proceeded to give Burymead the advantage with a win over Lush. Wan then leveled the tie with success over Green but Harrington picked up his maximum against Guo to put Burymead 4-3 up. Wan then beat Bartlett to set up the decider between Lush and Green. The first two ends went to Green but Lush fought back and took the last three to give Merrow G the narrowest of victories.


Results Premier Division Broadmoor 3 Burymead A 7, Godalming B 4 Merrow B 6 First Division Godalming C 2 Aftermath A 8, Aftermath B 2 Merrow F 8, Woking LTC A 6 College Hill B 4, Bramley A 7 Cody A 3 Second Division Merrow H 2 Godalming D 8, Burymead D 5 Woking LTC B 5, Merrow H 8 Burymead D 2, Bramley B 5 Bramley D 5 Third Division Godalming E 7 Aftermath E 3, Aftermath D 5 Godalming F 5, College Hill C 6 Ash C 4, Cranleigh A 8 Challoner D 2, Cody B 1 Cranleigh A 9 Fourth Division Bramley F 0 Godalming H 10, Godalming G 4 Bramley E 6, Cranleigh C 7 Godalming J 3, Woking LTC D 2 Woking LTC C 8 Percy Lawes Cup Burymead A 5 Merrow A 2, Broadmoor 9 Challoner B 0 Lewis Cup Merrow G 5 Burymead D 4, Merrow H 3 Aftermath C 6 Last Two Cup Cody B 6 Woking LTC D 3, Woking LTC C 4 Godalming F 5, Bramley F 2 Godalming G 7, Burymead E 1 Aftermath E 7 Veteran’s Cup Merrow A 5 Aftermath Y 0, Merrow B 0 Burymead 5